On the Issues

Health Care

As a nurse, I work in the trenches of health care. Every day, nurses and doctors observe the corrupting influence of HMOs on the health care industry. We must take corporations out of health care. To accomplish this, I call for Minnesota to lead the nation by instituting single payer health care. Single payer health care will not only be good for the people of Minnesota, but it will be good for business. The single largest advantage that large corporations have over small businesses is their bargaining power in purchasing reasonably priced health insurance. Single payer health care will level the playing field for small businesses.

Further, I intend to work to ensure that Minnesota will, within the next ten years, have a hospital cooperative where the nurses, doctors, janitors, unit secretaries, and other employees equally make the decisions on the running of the hospital.

US Foreign Policy

It is time for the leaders of this country to come clean with the American people. The war in Iraq is a brutal, immoral, and racist war being fought primarily for the interests of Shell oil, British Petroleum, and Haliburton. Likewise, many other aspects of foreign policy are driven by corporate interests as recently witnessed by the American engineered coup d’etat in Haiti. President Aristide, the democratically elected president, had stated he did not want his country to become a sweat shop for the World Trade Organization (WTO). With this statement, beginning with the Clinton administration, the US government blocked all funding of the World Bank to Haiti. Then the grunt work for the coup d’etat began. It culminated with the coup d’etat of President Aristide with the assistance of US military forces, thereby insuring that clothing manufacturers such as The Gap will continue to get cheaply manufactured clothes. Self centered corporate interests corrupt the political process.


Terrorism is a complex subject. It cannot be boiled down to a statement as simple as “you’re with us or you’re against us.” Trying to deal with terrorism militarily is not only counter-productive, it is strategically wrong, and immoral as well. Read More…


Today’s mainstream media has lost its credibility. The corporate media in this country can no longer trusted to disseminate the truth to the people. With this in mind, I openly call upon the National Union of Journalism to fight against the corporate powers running the media and to allow the truth to be disseminated. Likewise, I am calling upon the community to both support and to become involved with the independent media.

A truly independent media is the very cornerstone of a Jeffersonian Democracy.

If the people are not informed of all issues by the media, then we as a society will make disastrous choices for ourselves and for the world we live in.

It is time for the noble profession of journalism to regain its integrity.

Ecological Wisdom

Many of our political leaders pay lip service environmental issues. However, their primary focus, is often short sighted. They deal with the symptoms of ecological destruction while we as Greens go to the root cause. This root cause is two-fold: a “throw away society,” and more importantly, corporate polluters being given free rein to pollute for today’s profits at the expense of lives and the environment. Following the two Green Party principles of Ecological Wisdom and Personal Responsibility, it is the responsibility of all of us, individuals, corporate officers, and board members alike to respect the mother earth we live on. This is vital especially here in the United States where five percent of the world’s population consumes 45 percent of the worlds resources.

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