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Green Party activists exhibit individualism that is a hallmark of third parties – ECM Publishers; November 28, 2005

Two more Senate Hopefuls step in to the race – KMSP

Green Party member to seek Senate seat – Star Tribune; May 18, 2005

Audio Clips

Candidacy announcement (8:23 Real Media File) – Minnesota Public Radio; May 17, 2005

Other clips from Minnesota Public Radio
  • Abortion, Foreign Policy, and Miscellaneous thoughts (7:10 Real Media File)
  • Alternative Energy (0:19 Real Media File)
  • Farm Subsidies (0:12 Real Media File)
  • Health Care (0:08 Real Media File)
  • Patriot Act (0:20 Real Media File)
  • Social Security (0:10 Real Media File)
  • Taxes (0:08 Real Media File)

Press Releases

Greens Call for New Direction in National Health Policy: Single-Payer Coverage; Repeal of Abstinence-Based HIV and HPV Prevention – Green Party of the United States; December 8, 2005

US Senate Candidate Mike Cavlan Will Give a Major Health Care Address to Hospital Professionals – December 7, 2005

Cavlan Committee Invites Gerry Adams – March 19, 2005

Cavlan Committee Challenges Senator Dayton – January 5, 2005

Cavlan seeking Green Party Endorsement for US Senate Race, 2006 – June 4, 2004

Mike Cavlan writes open letters to both the Green Party and the Anti-War & Global Justice Communities – May 23, 2004

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