Why I am running

You may ask, why am I running for United States Senate? I am running because I am watching this country proceed in a dangerous direction, and it is past time for us to have politicians who will speak the truth. These truths, though self-evident to many, need to have someone with the courage to voice them. We in the Green Party are working toward a Minnesota, an America, and a world of greater tolerance and acceptance. A world where conflict can be dealt with in a non-violent matter, and, one of the principles of the St. Francis of Assisi prayer.

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To bring light where there is darkness, to bring love where there is hatred,

as well as, to bring forgiveness where there is bigotry and intolerance.

We as Greens plan to change the nature of the national debate from selfish, self-centered, and short sighted policy, to building a world based on cooperation. Not only do we need to change the debate, but, to change society itself. We are honored to be apart of this necessary process.

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I thank you for visiting. If you would like to help with our campaign, please contact one of our volunteer coordinators.

Michael J. Cavlan R. N.

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