The Politics as Pogo use to say-

Pogo was my favorite comic strip-I would sit up late at night and read as many of those books as I could put under my blanket-Basically Pogo and his friends were animals-Pogo was like a possum, his thought about politics was simply if is would be good than do it and if it was to cause problems don’t budge. Now a days you cant tell the bad from the good(if there is any good). I feel we have obliterated the basis of which this country stands on. Here were are trying to give freedom to others and the country that we are trying to help-Hate us-They like to keep people down. Our politics is the same does anyone look behind the curtain and look at the man who is pulling the strings?? I don’t think so. We have given our government the right to watch us 24/7. Yet they keep things like the health care bill a secret til it was passed. Ugh And Ugh!!

Why when we the people individually are very intellectual but collectively we are dumb as a rock. Not trying to offend anyone this is my opinion. You are a voice speak up and take back your privacy and our government. We deserve the government to work for us NOT the other way around-

Think about what is best for our children and there childrens children. We need to have a broader view point than the nose on our face.